Advisory Board

Simon Tobler

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

Simon Tobler is now a Member of the Board of Torck Capital Management AG, a Swiss boutique investment and wealth management firm. Formerly a Board Director with Forctis AG and Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Trading at Crypto Broker AG, one of the leading institutional brokerage companies in the crypto space. Simon also acted as a market maker at Credit Suisse for plain vanilla and exotic options in emerging market currencies. He is a passionate and experienced trader with a proven track record of over ten years in FX derivatives.

Simon discovered cryptocurrencies in 2015 and has been attracted ever since by their potential. At Crypto Broker AG he has successfully applied his knowledge to cryptocurrency trading towards building up a superior crypto execution platform, together with his dedicated team of specialists.

In addition, he is an active investor in various projects and a well-recognized member of the Swiss crypto community.

Simon holds a M.A. in Economics (Major in Finance) from the University of Zurich. He is also a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).