Transforming digital asset management into the next big service.


At Forctis we are developing new technologies for digital asset representation and protection.

One of them is our groundbreaking polymorphic token ARES (acronym for Asset Representation System) that stands as one of our flagship technologies. Embedded within a platform supported by data-driven algorithms, ARES offers asset owners and investors a blend of hyper-personalization, transparency, and expansive reach.

The other is NINA, offering a distinct encrypted image standard poised to revolutionize the digital art sphere. Its primary goal? To fortify the security of digital visual content, granting creators an unparalleled tool to safeguard their work online. This enhanced protection, coupled with exclusive access and ownership control, paves the way for fresh investment avenues in digital art.

We have created protocols having user and asset security at their core, delivering unparalleled protection over competing systems. Additionally, our TokenPlaces™ (essentially, "marketplaces for tokens" and a Trademark of Forctis AG) streamline asset and price discovery, flawlessly woven into our core technology stacks.

Our vision? Simply put, we want to transform the management and transacting of digital assets into something as convenient and engaging as online shopping or social media.

Please browse our sections about ARES and NINA to know more.