Nina: the future of NFTs, now.


New distribution technologies, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFT, for short) are disrupting how society understand and consume digital art. It has also opened new marketplaces for artists and investors to explore such artwork.

However, as it stands right now, NFTs have multiple shortcomings. How can digital assets being offered through NFTs be protected from the takedown of their hosting site? How can digital objects be uniquely and irrevocably confirmed as authentic? How can be such verification be achieved with minimal or no intervention of a third party? How can those digital objects be protected from unauthorized manipulation?

Welcome to Nina. A technology providing encryption-enabled image and animation file formats that are set to radically change how digital artwork is deployed.

Whether acquired as NFT or not, for their private enjoyment or also for exhibiting, buyers will know they own an original.

Each file is certified by the artist or content creator. Like the hand signature you can see on a canvas. Verifiable by anyone, anytime. Resilient to visual scraping and other content lifting hacks.

Artists can equally benefit from greater control over their digital creative work during its lifetime. Peace of mind from knowing the content of every Nina file is shielded from outside manipulation. Helping protect against potential IP breaches. By design.

Nina technology is unique. A future-proof solution for digital art. The closest a digital object can come to be a physical canvas.
Or to a framed photo.

And much more.