GenS: Finally, a stabilized cryptocurrency ready for mass adoption


What is GenS? It's meant to become a stabilized cryptocurrency to provide a readily available medium of exchange for transactions involving tokenized assets in ARES. Over time, it should also become a dependable store of value. GenS, of course, will be one of the multiple monetary instruments that can be used in our platform.

In fact, GenS will primarily act primarily as a settlement coin within our ecosystem but we envisage it also being more widely traded.

GenS has been engineered to be a superior cryptocurrency and its supply will be managed by an automaton.

Basically, an algorithm that picks-up behavioral signals from agents both inside and outside our ecosystem that learns and adapts in real time.

The underlying model, in itself a mathematical abstraction of the dynamics and interplay between markets, policy rules and agents, assumes competition from government money and perhaps other forms of privately issued fiduciary currencies. It embeds algorithmic rules to stabilize its value against adversarial strategies.

GenS launch will be pending (and conditional on) regulatory and other compliance requirements.