Michael King

Chief Curator and Head of Art Partnerships, NINA Platform

Based in London, Michael is a seasoned and renown curator and mentor of the arts. His interest in art began in the early 90’s following the YBA's, focusing then on Contemporary and Modern Art. In 1998 Michael became involved with Chris Ofili's Southampton City Art Gallery museum publication. By then, he had built a strong network of artists, galleries, collectors, auction houses and museum curators.

He has been a Project Consultant for Shangahi Art Educational Institute, and a Trustee and supporter for a number of artists and art institutions (such as the Serpentine Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate, and the Contemporary Art Society). Michael has actively collaborated with curators on multiple exhibitions, including co-hosting with The Photographers Gallery and Romanian Architects Urabanisum Forum (RAUF).

Himself an avid art collector, throughout the years Michael has organized museum loans from his own collection, such as works by Thomas Demand loaned to the Serpentine Museum (London) and the Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), by Peter Peri to the Tate Britain (London) and Paul Nobel both to the Tate Britain and the Stedekijk Museum (Amsterdam), or works by Andrea Bowers to the Whitney Museum (New York).

Michael commands the content curation and art strategy of our Nina Platform and drives our art partnerships with museums and other institutions.