NINA: the future of digital art, now.


Emerging technologies are reshaping our engagement with digital objects, yet many challenges remain. How do we protect the intellectual property of these digital assets? Or unequivocally assert their authenticity? Confirm their originality without third-party intervention? And safeguard these creations from unauthorized tampering?

Enter NINA, our innovative technology introducing natively encrypted image file formats. It sets a new standard by providing digital objects with characteristics that are akin to those of private goods. Making them a proper investable asset. Restoring trust.


- Each NINA file carries a direct validation from its creator much like a signature on a canvas. Simple to verify, consistently genuine, regardless of how they are distributed (whether using centralized or descentralized mechanisms).

- NINA images are designed to resist interference and deter external tampering including scraping and other advanced content theft techniques.

- It empowers creators with unmatched control over their digital work throughout its lifecycle, proactively guarding against potential IP infringements (something that is becoming quite topical in the age of AI).

NINA stands alone in its approach. A visionary solution that bridges the gap between digital art and the tangibility of a physical canvas, or a framed photo. And that's just the beginning. If you want to know more, visit