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Ugo Panizza to become Director of the ICMB-CIMB
May 16, 2018

We are greatly pleased to share the news that Ugo Panizza, one of our Advisory Board members, has been appointed as Director of the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies (ICMB) in Geneva, effective from September 1, 2018. The Institute is associated to the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Its aim is facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and research in the fields of international money, banking and finance by bringing together central bankers, private bankers and academics.

Urs Bolt at the Future of Finance Summit 2018
May 15, 2018

Organised by The Asian Banker in Beijing and running between May 23 and 25, 2018, The Future of Finance Summit will bring together industry leaders and disruptors from all over the world to present their latest achievements and ideas to banks, internet finance companies, asset managers, insurance companies, investors and customers. Our Advisory Board member Urs Bolt has been invited to provide his insights in a panel about the future of blockchain in finance.

Anton Golub interviewed by Hannah Wise for CNN Money
May 10, 2018

Anton Golub, one of our Advisory Board members, spoke yesterday to Hannah Wise in a live interview for CNN Money Switzerland about the challenges facing the banking industry and where the disruption is coming from. "The same way the Internet transformed the way we exchange information, Blockchain will transform the way we exchange assets." The interview can be accessed from the following CNN link.

Forctis in the Swiss FinTech Startup Map by e-foresight
May 09, 2018

Forctis has been included in the May 2018 edition of the Swiss FinTech Startup Map compiled by the Think Tank e-foresight, a research unit set up by Swisscom to recognise, monitor and analyse trends as well as behavioural and technology developments in the global financial sector and digital ecosystem. Of the 232 companies nowadays making the Swiss FinTech ecosystem, Forctis has been included as one of the 36 startups engaged in the "blockchain application" space. More information about the FinTech Startup Map is available here, from where you can also download a free copy.

Forctis in a Article on Price Volatility
May 03, 2018

Matthew Allen, Zurich bureau chief for (the digital news portal of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) has published an article by the title Will price volatility be the death of bitcoin? where he analyses the impact of bitcoin price volatility (and that of cryptocurrencies, in more general terms) on acceptance, also commenting on the Stablecoin projects currently under development in Switzerland, Forctis' GenS being one of them.

On Money's Intrinsic Value
April 28, 2018

Our CEO Eduardo retakes the discussion about money’s role in a new blog post discussing whether fiat currencies do, in fact, have any intrinsic value. This debate is certainly not new and has deeply permeated in everyday talk (highly infused by ideology, rather than theory) amongst crypto-enthusiasts. It’s a scaled-down version of the content already presented in Part I of our White Paper (available from our resources page) and a recommended read for anyone having an interest in token economics.  

Thinking about Trust
April 20, 2018

In Forctis' Medium blog our CEO Eduardo gives his take on the topic of trust, identified in Barclays' Research 2018 Equity Gilt Study as one of the key challenges that crypto-technologies need to overcome. Eduardo discusses how trust is created and disputes, using both theory and factual evidence, the idea of a “non-trust-based platform” advanced in 1998 by Satoshi Nakamoto. For those wishing to go deeper, a number of selected references from the broad literature on this complex (and equally fascinating) subject is also provided. 

Forctis Research Paper Series 001-18 (White Paper Part I)
April 18, 2018

We're pleased to announce the release of our Research Paper Series (RPS) 001-18 where our CEO, Eduardo Salazar, embarks in a detailed review of cryptocurrencies. This paper looks at the actors involved, their underlying motivations, emergence, recent developments and prevailing trends, through the lens of economic theory, history, sociology and economic anthropology as they have been (competitively) used to explain the genesis and logic of money. Richly documented and referenced, it's a unique academic work in this field and also Part I of our White Paper. Part II will focus on Forctis' technology. Freely available for download in the resources area.

An Introduction to Altcoins
March 19, 2018

Marc, one of our Directors, delivered a talk about Alternative Cryptocurrencies (or Altcoins, as they are usually known) at the EY Auditorium in Zurich, in an event sponsored by the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. Designed as an entry level seminar, Marc spoke about the history of Altcoins, the differences between Coins and Tokens, explained what POW and POS are, provided examples of different generations of Altcoins, and more. The video of Marc's talk is available here.   

Anton Golub at the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit
January 27, 2018

Anton, a member of our Advisory Board, will be speaking at the WBC Summit in Moscow. The Summit brings together key figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space that are shaping the global digital agenda and driving positive changes in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere.

More information is available through this link and hashtag #WBCSummit